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Hotels, bars, restaurants. Put our expert designers to the test to create a complete turnkey furniture.

Hotels and Lodging

Ostilio Mobili is the perfect partner for those who want to build, renovate or renew hotel environments. Rooms, reception, bar, shared spaces, relaxation areas, reading rooms, and many other spaces designed to ensure a comfortable stay for guests and provide managers and employees with an organized work environment that meets their needs.

Classics and modern, coffeehouse or themed, American or lounge, wine bar or hamburger joint. The bar is no longer just a place for a quick drink, but a complex environment carefully designed down to the smallest detail, reflecting a lifestyle and offering customers an experience that goes beyond the taste of drinks. Ostilio Mobili is committed every day in setting up modern or traditional venues, proposing innovative solutions that highlight the uniqueness of the spaces.

Tasting and wineries

Wine is an experience. With this belief, Ostilio Mobili offers solutions for the furnishings of offices, tasting areas, sensory paths, and wine exhibitions, dedicated to wineries in the Franciacorta region and beyond. We create environments that make the winery not only a functional space but also a journey, capable of conveying tradition not only through the aroma, color, and taste of the wine, but also through the environment and atmosphere in which it is tasted.

Reception translates to "Reception" in

The reception is the environment from which clients derive their first impression, and it is essential that it conveys a feeling of comfort and well-being. For this reason, Ostilio Mobili's Contract division is committed to designing and creating pleasant living areas, both for the client and for the manager or collaborator of the structure. We study the best layout for switchboards, reservation areas, welcoming areas, counters. We create tailor-made solutions capable of integrating perfectly into the atmosphere of the facilities and with a wide range of prices, from the most affordable to the most refined.

Restaurants and Farmhouses

For those looking for furnishings solutions for their own restaurant or farmhouse, Ostilio Mobili offers the contract division, specialized in providing hospitality furniture. With over forty-five years of experience serving the customer, Ostilio Mobili professionally captures the needs and desires of the clientele, offering a unique consultancy service in the design of rooms, reception areas, bars, shared spaces, relaxation areas, reading rooms, and many other environments.