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Classic kitchens

Classic style kitchens are furnishing compositions of timeless value, in which wood, lacquered or in essence and treated in an artisanal manner, is the most used material and suitable for completing the aesthetic value.

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Classic kitchens from the finest Italian brands.

In our Classic Kitchens showroom, you can find different models with classic features, but well-furnished to meet the most current needs of the new way of living in one's home. Classic-style kitchens are timeless, high-quality compositions in which wood, lacquered or solid and treated in an artisanal way, is the most commonly used material and suitable for enhancing its aesthetic value. Traditional framed doors, elegant chimney hoods, and cabinets are all components that distinguish traditional kitchens, but operational islands and storage units cannot be missing to enhance the space. There are several specialized manufacturers, as are the different lines in classic, retro, and rustic styles that you can find in our well-stocked showroom, all freely combinable according to each customer's needs. Traditional models made with precious woods, such as walnut or oak, are carefully treated so that the beauty of the solid wood expresses itself to the fullest, with visible knots and graceful veins. Styled kitchens, lacquered in neutral tones or in essence, also bring splendor to the smallest spaces. If white, they become extremely modern and refined.