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Ostiliomobili can create turnkey contract projects for schools and institutes. Consult our experts to design the most suitable solution.

Classes and laboratories

The Contract division of Ostilio Mobili deals with the furnishing of laboratories, classrooms, and other areas in schools of all levels. From designing spaces for the youngest to chemistry, computer science, music, and technological support laboratories. Customizable furniture for classrooms and teachers' space, desks, shelves, bathroom furniture, gym equipment, and much more. Our designers provide projects and oversee every phase of implementation, ensuring the delivery of turnkey environments, ready for use.

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Canteens are complex spaces that need to combine functionality with comfort during a restful moment in the students' day. That's why we work daily on designing these spaces: from the tables and chairs to the self-service area and kitchen, all extremely practical to use, taking into account all aspects that contribute to making lunch breaks pleasant. Not only for schools, Ostilio Mobili designs and creates canteens of all kinds: for companies, nursing homes, welcome centers, and hospitals.


The Contract division of Ostilio Mobili designs and manufactures complete and versatile gyms for schools and public spaces for hospitality. From the furnishing of the changing rooms, exercise equipment, to the decoration of the walls, our team of designers is focused on creating a safe space to engage in physical activity. From concept to finishes, we are able to provide turnkey environments.