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Drop coffee tables by Presotto.


More and more often, in contemporary homes, there is no longer a marked separation between domestic environments: the choice of accessories that can optimize spaces and fully enhance them will prove essential.

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In the showroom, you will be able to see multifunctional accessories from the best brands, to be chosen according to the style, measurements, and functions of the space, so that they can match the rest of the furniture. Not only do they give character to the interiors, but they also fulfill specific functions: only the best accessories can enhance the rooms, perfectly combining functionality and style. Increasingly, in contemporary homes, there is no longer a clear separation between domestic spaces: the choice of accessories that can optimize and fully enhance the spaces will be essential. In a not too large space, it is advisable to place appropriately sized furniture: thanks to the available accessories on the market, of every size, shape, and function, it is not difficult to furnish a home. Accessories bring a touch of liveliness to the space where they are placed or are the protagonists with their lines: they are important elements in your home spaces, combining functionality and style. As for the available materials, there are numerous choices to vary from: solid wood, glass, metal, stone, are just some of the most appreciated possible alternatives.